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Tips for creating a great book trailer:
  1. Don’t go overboard with the effects and transitions. Try to limit yourself to three effects for the entire video.
  2. Choosing the images and music that you want will probably take the most time.
  3. If you’re not sure what you’d like to write about the book, consider using quotes from the book.
  4. Capture the viewer by using rhetorical questions near the end of the trailer (e.g. “Will Man Jack ever be able to find Bod?”).
  5. NEVER reveal the ending of the book.
  6. Be selective when choosing the font of your text. Font type can heighten the mood of the trailer. If you have two “voices” in the trailer, consider using two different types of font.
  7. Be careful to limit the number of text slides in a trailer. A lot of trailers actually look better when the whole story is told through images and do not use text. Using only images allows the viewer to make internal connections without having to read a word (think of a wordless picture book).
  8. Sometimes one word can describe a scene better than a whole sentence.
  9. Typical trailers run one to three minutes in length. Too little and the trailer doesn’t capture the book. Too much and you lose your audience.
  10. On the last slide of your trailer, be sure to give credit for all of the content that you used (quotes, images, music). DON’T FORGET TO INCLUDE YOUR NAME. For example: Created by (your name), (grade), (school name)

Bates, Naomi. "Weaving a Virtual Story - Creating Book Trailers 101." Knowledge Quest Jan. - Feb. 2012: 72-76. Print.


Atomic Learning iMovie 11 Tutorials

STEP 1: Open iMovie

STEP 2: Create a New Project

Watch the following tutorial:

STEP 3: Drag your images from your flash drive into the top left side of the iMovie workspace. There are white outlines of rectangles on the work area. You can move the pictures around later.

Watch the following tutorial:

STEP 4: Add a transition between each photo clip.

Watch the following tutorials:

STEP 5: Add words (Titles) to your project. You can add titles on top of a photo clip or on a plain background. If you want to record your own voice instead of using text, see step 6.

Watch the following tutorials:

STEP 6: Add audio (sound). You can record your own voice narrating your book trailer or insert sounds and/or music.

How to add video/photos to the Event Library:

  • Go to the Event Library
  • Click on the year 2014
  • File>Import>Movies
  • Find your movie
  • Choose: Create a New Event
  • Name your Event
  • Choose: Import