Open Photo Booth

Choose "Record a movie clip"

Select the round red camera icon to begin recording

Select the icon again to stop

Drag your video to your desktop

Find an image that would look nice as your background (Cite the source of your image)

Put your video and photo in a folder on your desk top or on a flash drive so you're ready to make your iMovie

If you are ready to create your iMovie, these are some of the first tutorials you'll need to get started. View these and explore iMovie before we work on your project as a whole class.

You'll need to sign into Atomic Learning first by clicking on the "iMovie '09 Training" link. Then you can enter our AEA username and password. You can either search for the tutorial or come back to this page and click on the tutorial you want. Now that you're signed in it will be ready to view.

Open iMovie

To use the green screen effects, you need to make sure you have the Advanced Tools turned on in iMovie.

Click on the word “iMovie” on the top left side of the screen.

Click on “Preferences”

Make sure the “General” tab is clicked

Click in the box next to the words “Show Advanced Tools”

Step 1: Watch the tutorial. Importing videos from your hard drive Import your video from your hard drive/flash drive to iMovie.

Step 2: Watch the tutorial. Creating new projects

Name your project; Choose 4:3 aspect ratio: Use the "No Theme" option.

Drag the picture you want to use as your background straight to the project area.

See how long your video is by hovering your mouse over the beginning of the movie. Then go to the project area and click on the blue box with the gear and triangle on it that is in the bottom left hand corner of your background picture. Choose Clip Adjustments. Change the number in the Duration to the number of seconds of your video. For example, if your video is 1:13, it is one minute and 13 seconds. You need to change the Duration to 73. This means it's 73 seconds. This will make your background play the same amount as your video.

Watch the tutorial: Using Green Screen effects

You'll want to drag your video to the very beginning of the background picture.

Play or export your project:

If you want to do more to your project, you can check out these tutorials:

Here is a list of all of the iMovie tutorials from Atomic Learning:

iMovie '09 Training