Calamus Wheatland hard surface bus route information

Warrior Community:

The following information is for bus route pick-up and drop-off locations IN CASE the district needs to move to hard surface routes.  Please review the bus route that affects your household. 

If it is announced that the Calamus/Wheatland buses will run on hard surface roads, the enclosed map will show the stops with the approximate times. Please bring your child(ren) to the closest designated stop.  Students who are currently being picked up on hard surface routes, estimate the time accordingly. 

The afternoon drop offs will be at the same location with the approximate time listed.

Please contact either the elementary or secondary offices with questions. Elementary: 563-246-2222

Secondary: 563-374-1292

 Thank you for your cooperation.

Lonnie Luepker,

Hard Surface Bus Route Letter
Jay Cavey's Bus #7 Route Hard Surface only
Doug Kelting's Bus #6 and Joe Wenndt's Bus #8 Routes Hard Surface only
Christi Sawyer's Bus #11 Route Hard Surface only
Neil Christensen's Bus #5 and Rox Minor's Bus #1 Routes Hard Surface only