Warrior families:
All immunizations must be up to date this school year.  The state is very firm that up to date immunization forms must be on file by October 1, 2021. Please direct any questions regarding immunizations records for your child(ren) to the school nurse, Ms. Danika Sawyer, at dsawyer@cal-wheat.net

Required for students in the following grades BEFORE the FIRST DAY of SCHOOL:

Kindergarten: Immunizations-4 yr old boosters: DTAP, Polio, MMR & Varicella, Vision Screening (regular check-up documentation to submit), Dental screening (documentation within the last 12 months-see form below)

3rd Grade: Vision screening (regular check-up documentation to submit)

7th Grade: Tdap booster and Meningococcal vaccination on or after 10th birthday

9th Grade: Dental screening (documentation within the last 12 months) see form below

12th Grade: Two doses of meningococcal vaccine or one dose if the first dose was received at 16 years or older.

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