August 24, 2021

Calamus Wheatland families and Clinton County residents/workforce:

Below is a link to a Clinton County Broadband survey that is being conducted
to identify underserved areas in Clinton County where investments could
be made to improve internet service.
This link takes you to a page with a Business Survey and a Residential
Survey. Please participate in this survey if you work or live in Clinton
County. You can take the survey twice, keeping in mind your different
role if you live AND work in Clinton County.

Clinton County Broadband Survey
Please check out the Clinton County Broadband Study Facebook page if you would
like to follow along with the study progress or would like more
information. You can also find the link to the survey on this page.
Here’s a link to the Clinton County Broadband Facebook page .

Additionally, please share the link to the survey with your friends and family.
Thank you for participating in this study.


Lonnie Luepker, Superintendent