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In December 2022, a petition was presented to the school board asking the district to present a bond referendum to the district constituents for various facility upgrades and new construction needs of the district.  Please continue through this document for various links on information that was presented at community meetings, property tax calculators and conceptual photo renderings of the projects.  Please contact the district office at 563-374-1292 with any questions you may have.

The request includes: SECURED JH/HS building construction/upgrades; upgrade/renovate elementary kitchen and cafeteria space; upgrade/remodel JH/HS classroom finishes, energy efficiency upgrades; upgrade/renovate HS gym stage, acoustics, sound system, lighting; construction of Industrial Tech/Ag/Stem classroom and weight room addition to connect main building to Activity Center for additional security; upgrade HVAC systems;  construction/land acquisition for track and football complex.

In September of 1995, the district passed a General Obligation bond levy to construct new additions, take down the 3-story buildings at each campus and remodel both the JH/HS building and elementary building.  The district's constituents overwhelmingly supported improving the district's facilities.  That bond was for 20 years and the district was able to pay those bonds off early.

Since the major renovation that was completed in 1998, the district constructed/remodeled the following with SAVE fund dollars (penny sales tax funds), PPEL levy, grants and donations and did not go to a bond vote for the following projects:

**Currently, the SAVE dollars (penny sales tax revenue) are allocated to
paying the debt on the SAVE revenue bonds for the Warrior Early
Learning Center and elementary construction.  The bonds were issued in
2021 and last payment is scheduled for 2030 - pending any early payment
completion.  This was the maximum that the district could borrow against
the funding stream. (See below - the construction project was $3,437,000).

Warrior Early Learning Center addition and SECURED elementary building entrance and new collaboration and library spaces - $3,437,000 (currently being paid with debt issued SAVE revenue bonds)
Activity Center - $1,600,000
Air Conditioning of both buildings' classrooms - $474,100
Individual classroom remodels like carpet, ceiling, lighting, cabinetry;
ICN room at JH/HS building to science/STEM room- $300,000+
Elementary: converted garage to music room then built a garage (see below)
Baseball diamond construction with grading, field turf, lighting, fencing, etc.
Generator for Activity Center (community emergency shelter)- $67,000
HS boilers (2) - $76,000
High School bleacher replacement - $30,000
Greenhouse addition - $30,000+
Ag building classroom construction - $15,000
Diamond crow's nests (baseball and softball) -$15,000
Elementary Playground - $138,000
Weight room equipment purchases - $10,000
Roof replacements - $215,000
Parking lot resurfacing - $150,000+
Elementary/HS LED lighting - $50,000
New Activity Center scoreboards - $25,000
Elementary walk-in freezer - $13,000
Garage at elementary - $20,000

The following linked document has answers to questions that were asked in previous informational meetings:
Bond informational flyer with questions and responses

The following link is from Emergent Architects and is the information that was presented at the informational meetings.  Please review the slides and contact the district with any questions at 563-374-1292.
Emergent Architects facility master planning powerpoint

The first link below will calculate a potential tax increase based upon your ASSESSED valuation for residential property, commercial property and ag land at a proposed $2.70 levy.  Based upon the needs of the bond, $2.70 would be the highest amount in a budget year.  Please review your assessed valuation on your property documents, or the assessor's website for either Clinton or Scott County, and use the appropriate ASSESSED value in the linked tax calculator.  The tax calculator has been updated with the newest rollback percentages and this is included in the formula of the calculator, etc via Piper Sandler (financial advisors).

Tax Calculator for assessed valuation of property - insert the ASSESSED valuations (not taxable valuation) in the yellow cells. The cell formulas already include the rollback percentages and those items. You may need to download the excel sheet and then click "Enable Editing" to manipulate the yellow cells.  If you only open this without downloading, the message may be "Read Only" mode and the cells cannot be manipulated with your data.  Please make sure to download the excel sheet if necessary.

Clinton County Assessor website for property search

Scott County Assessor website for property search

This document is a tax impact worksheet and has been updated from Piper Sandler (financial advisors) for the newest rollback percentages. The document has good examples of various assessed residential amounts, commercial amounts and ag land amounts.  The commercial property is updated with the new allowance with the Commercial Property section for the first $150,000 of valuation that gets the more favorable rollback as if it's a homestead.  Remember the potential tax impact is on assessed value of property.

Tax Impact Worksheets (Piper Sandler)

Voting locations:
Clinton County residents on March 7th:
Calamus Wheatland Activity Center, 110 E. Park Road, Wheatland, IA  52777
Early Voting now through March 6th:
Clinton County Auditor's Office, 1900 N. 3rd St., Clinton, IA 52732

Scott County residents on March 7th:
New Liberty Fire Station, 765 Pike St., New Liberty, IA  52765
Early Voting now through March 6th:
Scott County Auditor's Office (5th floor), 600 W. 4th St, Davenport, IA   52801

Please feel free to contact the district office at 563-374-1292 with any questions you might have about the project. 

Preliminary conceptual renderings of the proposed construction projects: