Wednesday, February 1st Calams Wheatland Community meeting for pre-bond

Please join us Wednesday, February 1st for the final night in our series of informational meetings regarding the March bond referendum. The meeting will begin at 6:00pm in the Activity Center.  Emergent Architects will be present to provide information and answer questions.  Everyone is welcome.

The following linked document has answers to questions that were asked in previous informational meetings:
Bond informational flyer

The first link below will calculate a potential tax increase based upon your ASSESSED valuation for residential property, commercial property and ag land at a proposed $2.70 levy.  Based upon the needs of the bond, $2.70 would be the highest amount in a budget year.  Please review your assessed valuation on your property documents, or the assessor's website for either Clinton or Scott County, and use the appropriate ASSESSED value in the linked tax calculator.  The tax calculator has been updated with the newest rollback percentages, etc via Piper Sandler (financial advisors).

Tax Calculator for assessed valuation of property

Clinton County Assessor website for property search

Scott County Assessor website for property search

This document is a tax impact worksheet and has been updated from Piper Sandler (financial advisors) for the newest rollback percentages. The document has good examples of various assessed residential amounts, commercial amounts and ag land amounts.  The commercial property is updated with the new allowance with the Commercial Property section for the first $150,000 of valuation that gets the more favorable rollback as if it's a homestead.  Remember the potential tax impact is on assessed value of property.

Tax Impact Worksheets (Piper Sandler)

Please feel free to contact the district office with any questions you might have about the
project.  We look forward to the informational meeting on Wednesday, February 1st.

Preliminary conceptual renderings of the proposed construction projects: